How to install Guest Additions with Folder Sharing on VirtualBox - The Debian Way

This blog post was published 9 years ago and may or may not have aged well. While reading please keep in mind that it may no longer be accurate or even relevant.

I will be using as host and guest systems the current stable distribution Debian Wheezy.

Firstly, install VirtualBox and the Guest Additions:

apt-get install virtualbox virtualbox-guest-additions

Then install Debian Wheezy as a guest system. Next, mount the Guest Additions ISO file by navigating through the menu system of Virtualbox:

Devices -> CD/DVD Drives -> Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file …

Choose the ISO from this path: /usr/share/virtuabox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Next, in your guest OS, mount the virtual CD, and run the installer:

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
cd /mnt

Next shut down your guest OS and set up the shared folder in the menu system of Virtualbox:

  • Settings -> Shared Folders -> +
  • Select Folder
  • Check “Auto-mount”

Re-start your guest OS, and you will have the shared folder auto-mounted in /media/sf_Public.

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