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Anchored in Inertial Space: Interactive Apollo Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (March 2024)

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Interactive tensor visualization (December 2023)

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Precise synchronization of scalable clocks in different browsing contexts (June 2023)

How to set up Nvidia GPGPU computing using just the official Debian 11 repos (January 2022)

Donating computing power to Science: How to run containerized BOINC with OpenCL and VirtualBox (December 2021)

How to install FOSS OpenCL for AMD GPU on Debian 11 (Bullseye) (November 2021)

How to increase swap by taking the space from a different logical volume (July 2021)

Performance comparison of three different implementations of dynamic_cast in C++ (March 2021)

Debian 10: System monitoring using e-mail (Exim as a smarthost) (February 2021)

Why direct DOM manipulation is not a bad idea (April 2020)

Friction-less login to a tmux session on a suspended host (April 2020)

Negative niceness is very nice (April 2020)

Vagrant hangs with message "Waiting for domain to get an IP address..." (August 2019)

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) in Linux may be disabled by default. How to enable it without ethtool. (July 2019)

How to mount Google Drive as a file system in Linux (September 2018)

How to mount Google Drive in KDE's Dolphin file manager, in Debian 10 and 11 (September 2018)

Running a graphical window program via SSH on a remote machine (with GPU hardware acceleration on Xorg) (April 2018)

gdm3 suspends machine after 20 minutes: A solution (April 2018)

HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS3 RGBA video overlays on top of live GStreamer video pipelines (April 2018)

GStreamer pipeline recipe: Stream file via RTP using rtpbin (March 2018)

How to digitize old VHS videos with an EasyCAP UTV007 USB converter on Linux (October 2017) A lean replacement for bulky headless browser frameworks (October 2017)

PhantomJS alternative: Write short PyQt scripts instead ( (October 2017)

"Open Source" does not imply "less secure" (September 2017)

Reasonably secure unattended SSH logins from untrusted machines (September 2017)

Encrypt backups at an untrusted remote location (September 2017)

Never type plain passwords for SSH authentication (September 2017)

After data loss is before data loss: How to make correct backups (September 2017)

Simple test if TCP port is open (September 2017)

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WooCommerce Shipping Plugin "External Fetch" (July 2017)

Fix for xdvipdfmx:fatal: pdf_ref_obj(): passed invalid object. (June 2017)

vim - Unable to paste with middle mouse button - E353: Nothing in register " error - Solution (May 2017)

How to compile ezstream from source (April 2017)

Zero Client: Boot kernel and root filesystem from network with a Raspberry Pi2 or Pi3 (March 2017)

How to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Gateway to Mobile Phone Internet (February 2017)

Hardening Wordpress against hacking attempts (January 2017)

no.php: Transparent reverse proxy written in PHP (January 2017)

Apparent diameter plot for Jupiter 2017-2026 (November 2016)

Apparent diameter plot for the Moon 2017-2018 (November 2016)

Venus apparent diameter plot for 2017-2020 (November 2016)

Reading Raspberry Pi chip temperature with mainline Linux kernel (November 2016)

Setting I2C bus speed on a Raspberry Pi via Device Tree (November 2016)

Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3 running pure Debian and the Linux Mainline/Vanilla Kernel (October 2016)

How to convert images to PDF with paper and image size, without ImageMagick (September 2016)

Digitize books: Searchable OCR PDF with text overlay from scanned or photographed books on Linux (September 2016)

Hashing passwords: SHA-512 can be stronger than bcrypt (by doing more rounds) (September 2016)

100% HTTPS in the internet? Non-Profit makes it possible! (July 2016)

DIY Piezo-Electric High-Sensitivity Touch Probe (May 2016)

OpenGL programming in Python: pyglpainter (April 2016)

Resume rsync transfers with the --partial switch (January 2016)

Unprivileged Unix Users vs. Untrusted Unix Users. How to harden your server security by confining shell users into a minimal jail (November 2015)

Obscure error: dd: failed to open: No medium found (May 2015)

Exim and Spamassassin: Rewriting headers, adding SPAM and Score to Subject (February 2015)

XeLaTeX: Unicode font fallback for unsupported characters (December 2014)

Teamviewer alternative: How to get a Remote Desktop VNC connection via SSH over an intermediate server, avoiding firewalls (September 2014)

Debian Linux HowTo: Bridging WLAN to Ethernet for Access Point (Infrastructure Mode) for Android Phones (June 2014)

Symlinks within shared folders in VirtualBox: Operation not permitted and Read Only Filesystem (February 2014)

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Segfaults due to defective RAM (January 2014)

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Citations within footnotes in LaTeX (October 2013)

Removing millions of files in a directory (September 2013)

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Home Entertainment goes GNU/Linux! (August 2013)

Dual Monitor (Multi seat) setup with Displaylink USB Montors (July 2012)

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